UPenn Adoption of the Triple A Policy/A's for All

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The unfortunate timing and consequences of COVID-19 have exerted a great deal of stress on the students, faculty, and families of the University of Pennsylvania. In a time of such unprecedented emergency, the mental and physical health and safety of the members of our community should be of utmost importance. The toils of financial struggle, time zone differences, housing issues, and travel accommodations are already considerable factors that put students in disadvantaged situations. And with the disease continuing its course and reaching its peak, it is essential that the university takes further action on academic policy to relieve significant academic stress that aggravates students' situations. Thus, we believe that the implementation of the triple A/A's for All policy would be the most reasonable line of action going forward, as it helps in equalizing external factors and induces much less stress on students who believe that the optional pass/fail policy would harm their chances at employment, graduate school, medical school, etc... The grades would be assigned in a 60/30/10 (A/A-/B+) distribution. With this policy, the pursuit of education would be achieved in a way that continues to foster academic exploration while taking into account the extreme conditions the pandemic has caused.