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Charge and prosecute Christina Hindman for physically abusing 2 year old Caleb Harris

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On January 8th, 2015 two year old Caleb Michael Harris was physically abused by his daycare teacher, Christina Hindman. Surveillance video from the daycare center clearly captured a series of events which unfolded over the course of the day, including multiple instances of mistreatment/abuse including: dragging Caleb across the room by his arm, slamming Caleb into a chair, kicking Caleb, hitting Caleb with a broom, pressing Caleb's head into his cot, and placing Caleb in extended periods of "time out" exceeding 1 hour in length.

The Nixa Police department arrested Mrs. Hindman the following day, and have since forwarded all details of their investigation to Amy Fite's office for prosecution. Amy however, has yet to take any action, despite overwhelming evidence including not only video surveillance, but multiple eyewitness statements corroborating this specific incident and other concerning incidents involving this same teacher.

The Missouri Department of Social Services also conducted a thorough investigation and found these claims to be substantiated. Their investigation concluded in February 2015, and read in part:

"Ms. Hindman was responsible for Caleb Harris, age 2, as his daycare teacher at the time of the alleged incident. Caleb was observed to have a bruise on his left forearm. Ms. Hindman admitted to grabbing a hold of Caleb and placing him in time out harshly. Video evidence supports this. There is sufficient evidence to support Caleb's injury was received as a result of Ms. Hindman's actions. The injury to Caleb was not accidental, nor was it discipline administered in a reasonable manner. This report has found a preponderance of evidence for the abuse of Caleb Harris by Ms. Hindman."

Please join us in support of gaining Justice for Caleb Michael Harris. Ms. Hindman should be held accountable for her actions, and Amy Fite is the only person that can make that happen.

Your support is sincerely appreciated!

-The Harris Family

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