Parents Speaking Out Against PC Autism Plan

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On February 6th the PC Government in Ontario announced significant changes to the Ontario Autism Program.

It was announced that $140,000 would be given to families of children with Autism to assist with tech, respite and therapy. To be used until their 18th birthday. This amount is further decreased based on child's age and family income. 

A child entering this program at the age of 7 would only qualify for $55,000 in funding. Leaving 11 years to utilize the funding under this program. That works out to approx $5000 per year.

Average ABA therapy cost $88,000 per year in Ontario. 

Children above the age of 5 who were already on the wait list for services are being pushed  even farther down the list. Some of these families have waited over two years.

Funding is being cut to organizations that we depend on for services and information and parents are being asked to seek out their own private services. Most private therapy clinics already have long wait lists.

This is unacceptable and the PC Government needs to do better. Our children deserve better. Please sign and let the PC Government know that our voices will be heard and our children matter.