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New Zealand is about to accept an unfair law about culling cats throughout the country. While pets should be spayed/neutered and kept as indoor animals, trapping and euthanazing cats is unacceptable and inhuman. This new law can also be a trigger of further animal abuse. The law itself is cruelty against animals.

Letter to
Cats to Stay in New Zealand Amy Adams, Minister of Environment, New Zealand
Cats Love New Zealand Mina
Dear Ms. Adams,
You as Minister of Environment in New Zealand have the power and chance to save your country's cat population.
Some people want to pass a law about culling cats throughout New Zealand. They would even pay for people for trapping and killing these defenseless animals. Cats roam and wander; probably one trapped-and-death-listed cat's owner has no clue that, somewhere a couple of miles away from them, their pet is death-listed for roaming freely. Indeed, cats should be kept indoors, they also should be neutered or spayed for their own well-being, THIS is what we should suggest and promote - instead of extirpating helpless animals. Killing cats is barbaric, and unworthy of a civilised, developed country. Furthermore, such an act would give way to further animal abuse. Some vile people could believe that from now on, they should feel free to catch and torture animals.
I trust your conscience and good heart that you will do everything in your power to save cats of New Zealand.
Yours sincerely,
Mina Jade

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