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I want the quality of every waterway to be maintained or improved, with the goal that all waterways are safe for swimming, fishing & food gathering, unless the local community agrees otherwise.

Kiwis are passionate about their fresh water. We want to protect and improve our rivers so that we, our children and our grandchildren, can safely swim in them. That’s a major challenge given the competing demands for water and more intensive use of land bordering many of our waterways. 

We might be wrong, but we think that Kiwis value their waterways:

  • 9 in 10 want water in streams and rivers to be safe for swimming, fishing and food gathering.
  • 89% think that those that pollute waterways should be made to restore them.
  • 67% will only support an increase in dairy and irrigation if it can be shown that there will not be negative downstream impacts.

This isn’t some “greenie” view. It is part of what it means to be Kiwi. We can’t keep chasing the next dollar regardless of the impact on the environment. There have to be limits – otherwise it is just dumb and dirty growth. 

Based on this and our understanding of the science, the Government’s plan for our waterways is a step forward, but isn’t good enough.

Asking local communities to manage their river is a great innovation, but questions remain over whether central and regional government will resource groups sufficiently to do the job (i.e. running costs, monitoring water, providing science & economic expertise), and then listen to what they say. 

For the sake of our rivers the Government’s plan needs to maintain or improve the quality of all waterways starting immediately, and include the aspiration for all waterways to be safe for swimming, fishing and food gathering. Any exceptions must be sanctioned by the local community. 

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