Continue Sakura Gakuin

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Sakura Gakuin (さくら学院) was created in April of 2010 with 8 members. They're female elementary school students and middle school students selected from Amuse Kids. Their theme is school life including club activities. They must graduate from the group once they complete compulsory school education around March. Their motto is "Go beyond idols, become a super lady".

It has today been announced that at the end of the 2020 Nendo (August 31st 2021) Sakura Gakuin will be ending it’s activities, with all current members graduating from the group. Whilst under the current climate of the world, with the harsh devastation that Covid-19 has caused both physically, mentally and financially, I believe that Sakura Gakuin can still be a reality post 2021!

Whilst being based in Japan, Sakura Gakuin has support from all corners of the globe! The group itself makes so many people worldwide happy, whether it’s seeing the progression on members through the years, or watching them on Fresh Monday! The lyrics in the songs also hold important values to many people, and is something that anyone can resonate with! I myself have followed Sakura Gakuin since 2012, and I really can’t imagine a future with no more Sakura Gakuin. Whilst it’s a very challenging time, I believe that the power of all Fukei and music lovers can convince Amuse to continue the activities of Sakura Gakuin! At the end of the day, you can not change an outcome if you don’t try in the first place!

Thank you for reading!