Have Richard "Airline CEO" Anderson removed as CEO of Amtrak

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Since becoming CEO of Amtrak, Richard Anderson has overseen the destruction of many of the amenities and discounts that set Amtrak apart from airlines. First, removing AAA and Student Discounts, then removing the Pacific Parlor Car from the Coast Starlight, and now he's at it again by ending special routes and no longer permitting private rail car owners from using Amtrak to move their rail cars. What's next? Baggage Fees? TSA? Airline-style legroom?

Thr reality is that Amtrak can't go toe-to-toe with the airlines! Amtrak's major advantages have always involved setting themselves apart from airlines: Flexible fares, discounts, free baggage, spacious seats and legroom, and a heck of a view! Anderson is picking off all of Amtrak's benefits one by one! It won't be long until he makes Amtrak a slow moving airline with all of the inconveniences of air travel, but none of the speed.

Amtrak Board of Directors, please remove Richard Anderson from his position as CEO of Amtrak before he renders the railroad unsalvageable!