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Don't Allow TSA to Infest Train Stations

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TSA has long since proven itself to be an ineffective and extremely abusive organization with no regard for the Constitutional rights, civil liberties, and human dignity of travelers. They have terrorized small (and sometimes disabled) children, abused the elderly, harassed veterans of the US Armed Forces, and re-traumatized victims of rape and molestation all in the name of putting safety above freedom for the traveling public.

Recently, a video was posted on the Internet showng TSA screeners setting up what appeared to be a security checkpoint in the Amtrak boarding area of Chicago Union Station. Many air travelers have abandoned flying for rail travel as a means of moving around the country with their dignity intact. Amtrak's record ridership figures reflect this. Furthermore, Amtrak has its own department of sworn law-enforcement officers who have always handled matters of train security with efficiency and respect for Amtrak passengers. It makes no sense to introduce the abject failure that is TSA into a mode of transit that is perfectly functional without it.

Amtrak has had a history of financial difficulty and operational problems, but those have been massively improved in recent months and years. To alienate those travelers who have poured their tourist dollars into Amtrak's services would be disastrous for both their business and the people who have trusted Amtrak to convey them from place to place without violating their civil rights as is done in our nation's airports.

Amtrak: Please keep the matter of protecting train passengers fully under the purview of the Amtrak Police Department. Please also take steps to ensure that this video is a one-time occurrence and that TSA will forever be kept away from rail travelers in the USA.

The video in question can be found here:

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