March 14th (Pi day): International Day of Black Holes, Theoretical Physics and Physmatics.

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March 14th is currently the International Day of Pi. However, this day is also special, now even more: Albert Einstein was born in 1879, March 14th, S. W. Hawking died in 2018, March 14th.

This petition is to note:

  1. Given the fact that both (Hawking and Einstein) THEORETICAL PHYSICISTS ( I include them as cosmologists, theorists, relativists and quantumists) studied relativity, the universe, gravity and quantum mechanics.
  2. Given the fact, that Einstein and Hawking did contributions to mathematical physics, and theoretical physics.
  3. Pi appears in both, Physics and Mathematics, to model certain geometrical features of Nature.
  4. Pi appears in the main equations for general relativity and black hole physics.

Proposal: I propose to turn the Pi Day in something BIGGER at global scale. I propose to turn  March 14th in the day of Black Holes (a consequence of Einstein's field equations for gravity), Relativity (special, general and beyond) and more generally the Day of Physmatics (Physics+Mathematics), a portmanteau word suggested by E. Zaslow to resume the fusion of Physics and Mathematics. It will be a day to remember the importance of Mathematics and Physics in our lives, the importance to remember to look at the stars instead to the floor, and to celebrate the birth, death and legacy of two of the brightest and smartest minds over this planet called Earth, and that we should remember the day the came and they left as. Note that their theories will be important for future explorations of space-time, in time, when we became interstellar...So we remember the time-life we have ahead of us, and the time we left behind...Great physicists...Great minds...

Remark: Everything in the Universe can be (mysteriously) described by Mathematics very accurately. Pi is just a number appearing into physics and mathematics so deeply, that we can not avoid the need of enlarging the relevance of March 14th for forthcoming generations.


Make it possible! Make March 14th more extraordinary and wonderful everywhere!!!!!!! Mathematics and Physics, Physmatics, do matter! Support this petition to make the legacy of 2 of the greatest scientists of all time for all time. Sign and spread it out there!!!