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Stop Religious Processions in City of Jalandhar

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Dear Friends,

We need your attention for small but very important issue for people in Jalandhar, rather whole of India.

Religious Processions are a menace for all reasons but most importantly for safety of public.

Yesterday in Jalandhar 3 people lost their lives and dozens got Injured as a truck which was part of the possession got out of control and ran over scores of people.

This has happened first time, but can happen again as well, as long as people are walking right in front of trucks in these Mega Processions. It is a highly unsafe situation with 100s of Trucks and 1000s of people walking in same line.

We am not even referring to the big menace created by these possessions like traffic issues, wastage, cleanliness etc.

In Jalandhar it is a bigger menace as we have to face this more than 10 times a year on account of multiple religions and festivals.

We need your support to stop all such processions in Jalandhar, rather India for safety of lives of people. Some of you might be against this idea on account of religious sentiments we more concerned with safety of people and wish to ensure such accident does not happen ever again.

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