Include gun sense and gun safety in our curriculum

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The recent deaths of students in public schools involving use of guns has spread fear in communities and in students, and has created division in our community in regards to our civic responsibilities.

In order to combat the fear and reduce the division, the issue of guns in our community should be addressed directly.  Educators know that the more we see it, the more we hear it, the more we say it, the more we know it.  We should be including instruction on gun sense and gun safety in our schools.

Our communities must recognize that tools have a purpose.  When used properly, tools, like guns, benefit our communities.  When tools, like guns, are used improperly, they can damage our communities. 

When our students are taught improper use of guns, or not taught at all, there can be (and unfortunately there *are*) serious repercussions to our students and our community.

However, if our students are instructed in gun sense and gun safety from a young age, and throughout their formative years, the understanding of guns as a tool can be instilled in our next generation.

This curriculum should also include instruction in perspectives on gun culture and recognizing signs of gun violence.

Please sign this petition if you believe gun sense and gun safety should be a part of our school curriculum. 

Thank you.