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On Saturday March 22, the hosts of AMP Radio, a station in Calgary, announced that they were burning $5000.00 cash, literally setting it on fire at a local pet crematorium. I was driving to work at the time when I heard them announce this. At first, I thought it was a joke. Why would anyone do something so insensitive, especially when there are are so many families struggling to get by and so many organizations in Calgary and around the world who would benefit tremendously from a $5000.00 donation?

Burning the money was part of a gimmick to get more listeners. The contest was called "Bank it, or Burn it." The audience had the choice of voting to give someone $5,000 or to have the radio hosts burn it. The result of the poll was burn it. AMP radio informed the public of these results and directed them to a video on their website where they can watch the money go up in flames. They've gotten lots of negative press and on their Facebook page many are saying they won't tune in to AMP anymore, I know I won't.

But AMP announced that this week they'll be putting another $10,000.00 on the line to be banked or burned.

AMP has run a lot of gimmicks, but turning money to ash crosses the line. It's so offensive when you think about all the ways it could be used. In one interview about the contest in the National Post, Jordan Hamilton from the Calgary Drop-In Centre that $5000.00 could have provided 100 clients with food, shelter, medicine and counselling.

I'm asking AMP Radio to cancel this contest, don't burn the $10,000.00 if people end up voting for that, and donate an equivalent $5000.00 that they've already burned to a charity.

I will also be making sure to let companies supporting AMP radio through advertising know that this is happening, maybe even with the money they've spent at AMP.  Here is a list of companies who I heard advertised on the station in the past week: Chevrolet, Ford, Truman Homes, Sleep Country, Target, Telus, Murmur night club, Spence Diamonds, Pet Heaven Crematorium and Funeral Chapel.  


If you use Twitter you could send these companies a tweet and ask them to drop their ads if AMP burns the $10,000.00 and doesn't make up for the $5000.00 already burned by donating to a charity.


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