Stop the execution of three peaceful protesters in Iran.

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Please help stop the death penalty of three Iranian protesters arrested during the country’s anti-government protests in November 2019. When protests broke out across Iran last November, thousands were arrested and an unknown number of Iranians were killed. The numbers of civilians killed by the government have been estimated to over 1,500. During the protests, the armed forces shot unarmed protesters in the head with real bullets, killing them instantly. As this was happening, there was a complete shut down of the internet all across Iran so that the world would not see the reality of the oppression and murder that was taking place. Recently three protesters were sentenced to death by judge Abolghassem Salavati, whom the US imposed sanctions on and whom is known for being cruel and unjust to Iranians and dual citizens. 

All Iranians who are arrested in Iran are forced to confess under threats and torture to crimes they have not committed or to being a part of organizations that they don’t belong to. Please help stop these executions by signing this petition. If this petition gets enough signatures , the leader of Iran will see that the world is watching and that Iranian lives can not be taken so easily. 

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