We call on the Amnesty International Council to stand firm and support decriminalisation of sex work and protect the human rights of sex workers


We call on the Amnesty International Council to stand firm and support decriminalisation of sex work and protect the human rights of sex workers

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Support Amnesty International’s proposed policy calling for the decriminalisation of sex work

NSWP and our allies take this opportunity to express our support for Amnesty International’s draft policy calling for the decriminalisation of sex work, which is to be tabled for adoption at the International Council Meeting, 6-11th August 2015. Amnesty International is facing a backlash from campaigners for proposing a policy that seeks to uphold the human rights of sex workers.

We ask the Amnesty International Council to stand firm and support decriminalisation of sex work and protect the human rights of sex workers.

The draft policy is backed up by the findings of country-based research carried out by Amnesty International on the human rights impact of the criminalisation of sex work and also on the 2014 consultation, which included input from many sex workers around the world – the community most affected by the proposals.

NSWP would also like to condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the CATW statement, open letter and online petition attacking Amnesty International's proposals. CATW’s position is stigmatising, discriminatory and misrepresents the facts, conflating sex work with human trafficking. Most importantly it ignores the lived experiences of sex workers, silences their voices and seeks to perpetuate legal systems which place sex workers at increased risk of violence, stigmatisation, and discrimination; as well as limiting their access to health and social services. Furthermore, CATW is ignoring the overwhelming body of evidence and the findings of international bodies such as the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, who recommend that governments should work towards the decriminalisation of sex work and The Lancet which recently published a special series on HIV and Sex Workers, which also recommends the decriminalisation of sex work and reported “Decriminalisation of sex work would have the greatest effect on the course of HIV epidemics across all settings, averting 33–46% of HIV infections in the next decade.”

There is a wide recognition among international agencies that the decriminalisation of sex work is necessary to protect and respect the human rights of sex workers. These agencies include; UNAIDS , UNFPA, UNDP, WHO, The World Bank , Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women (GAATW) , Human Rights Watch , the Lancet, Open Society Foundations .

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) has issued a Statement of Support for Amnesty International setting out some of the extensive evidence that backs up Amnesty International’s call for the decriminalisation of sex work and calls on human rights defenders to stand with sex workers in supporting this progressive policy.

Please sign this petition to show support for the Amnesty International resolution to support decriminalisation of sex work and ensure the human rights of sex workers are upheld.

African Sex Workers Alliance - Regional Network
Sisonke Botswana, Botswana
Solidarite Pour Les Droits Des Travailleuses De Sexe, Burundi
Alcondoms, Cameroon
CAMEF, Cameroon
AHUSADEC, Democratic Republic of Congo
ALCIS, Democratic Republic of Congo
CODESCI, Democratic Republic of Congo
UMANDE, Democratic Republic of Congo
Nikat Charitable Association, Ethiopia
CAFAF, Ghana
Nayford Foundation, Ghana
Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Programme, Kenya
CHAANI Post Test Club, Kenya
Ebigeri United Self Help Group, Kenya
Kisauni Peer Educators, Kenya
Action Hope, Malawi
Female National Sex Workers Alliance, Malawi
APYIN, Nigeria
NDN, Nigeria
Nigeria Sex Workers Association - Precious Jewels, Nigeria
NNEWI, Nigeria
Sisonke, South Africa
SWEAT, South Africa
CHESA, Tanzania
Devine Economic Development Group, Tanzania
Gender, Equality and Health Organisation, Uganda
Kaana Foundation, Uganda
Lady Mermaid's Bureau, Uganda
Organization For Gender Empowerment and Rights Advocacy, Uganda
Transgender Equality Uganda, Uganda
Uganda Harm Reduction Network, Uganda
Uganda Harmonized Rights Alliance, Uganda
Thubelihle, Zimbabwe

Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers - Regional Network
Respect Inc, Australia
Scarlet Alliance, Australia
SWOP New South Wales, Australia
Dujoy Nari Shongho, Bangladesh
HARC, Bangladesh
MNDP, Bangladesh
Community Legal Service, Cambodia
JJJ Association, China
Midnight Blue, China
SCMC, China
Xin'ai Female Sex Worker's Home, China
Yunnan Parallel, China
Pacific Rainbow$ Advocacy Network, Fiji
Aastha Parivaar, India
Ashodaya Samithi, India
Astitva, India
Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, India
Koshish, India
MITRA, India
National Network of Sex Workers, India
VAMP, India
VAMP Plus, India
OPSI, Indonesia
SWASH, Japan
O.F. Taldikorgan Regional Fund for Promotion of Occupations, Kazakstan
AMA, Myanmar
New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, New Zealand
Aakash Welfare Society, Pakistan
Care & Support Welfare Organisation, Pakistan
Gender & Reproductive Health Forum, Pakistan
Friends Frangipani, Papua New Guinea
Poro Sapot Project, Papua New Guinea
Empower Foundation, Thailand
SWING, Thailand
Scarlet Timor Collective, Timor Leste

International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe - Regional Network
SWAN Foundation for the Human Rights of Sex Workers - Regional Network
LEFO, Austria
Maiz, Austria
Projekt PiA, Austria
SXA-Info/Verein Frauenservice Graz, Austria
Association PROI, Bosnia and Herzegovina
NGO Action Against AIDS, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Collectif Droits & Prostitution, France
PASTT, France
STRASS, France
Women for Freedom, Georgia
Berufsverband erotische und sexuelle Dienstleistung e.V., Germany
Bufas e.V., Germany
Hydra e.V., Germany
Madonna e.V. Germany
SZEXE, Hungary
Tais Plus, Kyrgyzstan
Demetra, Lithuania
HOPS, Macedonia
STAR-STAR, Macedonia
Juventas, Montenegro
PION, Norway
APDES, Portugal
Silver Rose, Russia
JAZAS, Serbia
Sloboda Prava, Serbia
Collectivo Hetaira, Spain
Rose Alliance, Sweden
Aspasie, Switzerland
Dignity, Tajikistan
Soa Aids, The Netherland
TAMPEP, The Netherlands
Pembe Hayat LGBTT Dayanisma Dernegi, Turkey
Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Right Association, Turkey
English Collective of Prostitutes, UK
Sex Worker Open University, UK
UK Network of Sex Work Projects, UK
Working Mens Project, UK
X:talk, UK
HPLGBT, Ukraine
Legalife, Ukraine
Vsiyeukraiynskaya Assotsiyatsya Snyzhyenya Vriyeda, Ukraine

Associação das Profissionais do Sexo do Maranhao, Brazil
Associação das Prostitutas dr Minas Gerais, Brazil
Associação das Prostitutas da Paraiba, Brazil
Associação de Mulheres Profissionais do Sexo do Estado do Amapa, Brazil
Associação Mulheres Guerreiras, Brazil
Dignidade, Acao, Saude, Sexualidade e Cidadania, Brazil
Davida, Brazil
Grupo de Mulheres Prostitutas do Estado do Para, Brazil
Nucleo de Estudos da Prostituicao, Brazil
Vitória Régia, Brazil
P.A.R.C.E.S, Columbia
Asociacion de Mujeres Autonomas "22 de Junio", Ecuador
Asociacion de 'Mujeres Con Esperanza Al Futuro', Ecuador
Asociacion De Mujeres Trabajadoras Del Sexo "Colectivo Flor De Azalea", Ecuador
Aproase, Mexico
Colectivo de Hombres Accion Comunitaria, Mexico
Diversidad TTT, Mexico
Tamaulipas Diversidad Vihda Trans A.C., Mexico
Union y Fuerza de Mujeres Trans Chihuahuenses A.C., Mexico
Asociación Civil Angel Azul, Peru
Asociación Civil Cambio Y Accion, Peru
Miluska Vida y Dignidad A.C., Peru

Antiguan Resilience Collective Inc., Antigua
Butterfly - Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Network, Canada
FIRST, Canada
Maggie’s, Canada
PACE, Canada
Peers Victoria Resources Society, Canada
POWER, Canada
Projet L.U.N.E., Canada
Sex Professionals of Canada, Canada
Sida-Vie Laval (Venus Project), Canada
Stella, l'amie de Maimie, Canada
Stepping Stone, Canada
Students for Sex Worker Rights, Canada
SWAG, Canada
SWAN Vancouver, Canada
The Coalition for the Rights of Sex Workers, Canada
Triple X Workers' Solidarity Association of British Columbia, Canada
Champions for Change, Guyana
Guyana Sex Workers Coalition, Guyana
One Love, Guyana
IWICC, Jamaica
J-FLAG, Jamaica
Sex Work Association of Jamaica, Jamaica
Fundashon Orguyo Korsou, Netherlands Antilles
Suriname Men United, Suriname
RED Initiatives, Trinidad and Tobago
Best Practices Policy Project, USA
Community United for Safety & Protection, USA
Desiree Alliance, USA
New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance, USA
PERSIST Health Project, USA
Red Umbrella Project, USA
St James Infirmary, USA
SWOP Chicago, USA
SWOP Denver, USA
SWOP Las Vegas, USA
SWOP Northern California, USA
SWOP Philadelphia, USA
SWOP Sacramento, USA
SWOP San Antonio, USA
SWOP San Francisco, USA
SWOP Seattle, USA
SWOP Tucson, USA
The Sex Workers Project, USA
Women with a Vision, USA


AFAO - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
Alex Feis-Bryce, Director of Services, National Ugly Mugs, United Kingdom
Alexander Alvina Chamberland, MA Gender studies, trans feminine author and former sex worker, Sweden
Alexander Bard, Philosopher, Sweden
Alexandra Oliveira, Professor, University of Porto, Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education, Porto, Portugal
Amanda Brihed, Liberal debater, Sweden
Amelie Eklöf, Independent contractor, Sweden
Andrès Lekanger, Outreach worker, PION, Norway
Anna Kontula, Sociologist and Politician, Finland
Annelie de Cabo, PhD student/university lecturer , Gothenburg University, Sweden
Astrid Renland, Criminologist, Norway
Bam Björling, Gender Management Institute, Sweden
Basil Donovan MD, Professor and Head, Sexual Health Program, The Kirby Institute, Australia
Ben Plumley, CEO, Pangaea Global AIDS, USA
Butterfly: Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network, Toronto, Canada
Carina Edlund, Activist and Sex worker, Sweden
Carina Kallenberg, Sexworker and coach at the BDSM institute, Sweden
Catriona O'Brien, Sex worker, Ireland
Caty Simon, Tits and Sass co-editor, USA
Christina Franzén, Chair of HIV-Sweden, Sweden
Daniel Bergqvist, Activist, Sweden
Daria Mogucheva, Freelance translator, Russia
Doaa Abdelaal, Activist and board member of the International Network of Women Living Under Muslim Laws, Egypt
Dr Teela Sanders, Reader in Sociology, School of Sociology & Social Policy University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Dr Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Anthropologist, Brazil Dr. Ana Paula Silva, Federal Fluminense University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dr. Adriana Graça Piscitelli, State University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil
Dr. Soraya Simões, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro / Davida, Anthropologist, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Elena Jeffreys, 3rd year PHD Student, School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Emmy Östlund, Activist, United Kingdom
Eva Cox, AO, Sociologist, Australia
Filipa Alvim, Anthropologist, PhD, Researcher, Teacher, CRIA - Centre for Research Network in Anthropology, ISPA - Institute of Applied Psychology, RTS - Portuguese Network on Sex Work, Portugal.
Flávio Cesar Lenz, Davida, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Frederique Chabot, POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa - Work Educate Resist), Canada
Fundacion para Estudio e Investigacion de la Mujer, Argentina
Gadejuristen, The Danish Street Lawyers, Copenhagen, Denmark
Gaye Dalton, Former sex worker, Wicklow, Ireland
Geoff Ward, Policy, Advocacy & Peer Support Worker at CAHMA - Canberra Alliance for Harm Minimisation and Advocacy, Australian
Hanna Söderström, Web developer, Sweden
Helene Bergman, Journalist, author and feminist, Sweden
INPUD - the International Network of People Who Use Drugs
International Community of Women Living With HIV, Rebecca Matheson
Global Director, Nairobi, Kenya
Jaana Kauppinen, Executive director, Pro-Tukipiste, Finland
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, Musician, New Jersey, USA
Jakob Huber, Director Contact Netz Bern – Switzerland
Jamie Bridge, Senior Policy and Operations Manager, IDPC, United Kingdom
Janelle Fawkes, Sex worker, Sydney, Australia
Jenn Clamen, Mobilization Coordinator, Stella, l’amie de Maimie, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Jens Odsvall, Liberal debater, Sweden
Jill Martin, Sex worker/student, Melbourne Australia
Joanna Megan, Sex worker, Sydney, Australia
Jody Williams, Sex Workers Anonymous, Los Angeles, California
Johanna Sirkiä, Accountant and former Sex worker, Finland
Jude Byrne, Senior Project Officer AIVL, Australia
Julie Bates, Sex worker, sex worker rights advocate and sex industry researcher, NSW, Australia
Kikki Paulsrud, Chair of Stockholm’s Drug Users Union, Sweden
Krissy Summers, Educator, Australia
Lee Hertel, Principal, Lee's Rig Hub, USA
Leif Holmstrand, Writer/artist, Sweden
Linda Byqvist, Social worker, Sweden
Linda Rosén, Chair of Rose Alliance, Sweden
Lisa Magnusson, Journalist, Sweden
Liv Jessen, Former Director of the Prostitution Centre of Norway, Norway
Lucy Kelley-Patterson, Activist, United Kingdom
Maria Johansson, Sex worker, Sweden
Maria Phelan, Deputy Director, Harm Reduction International, United Kingdom
Maria Sundin, Social worker, Målerås, Sweden
Mariha Hammarbäck, Activist, Sweden
Marinette Sjöholm, sex worker and activist for the rights of sex workers and people who use drugs and an advocate for Harm Reduction and Human rights for all, Sweden
Mathilde Bouvard, Artist, France
Matthew Weait, Professor of Law and Policy, United Kingdom
May-Len Skilbrei, Professor in Criminology at the University of Oslo, Norway
Meg Munoz, Former Sex Worker, Domestic Sex Trafficking Survivor (Founder/Exec. Director, Abeni), USA
Melissa Gira Grant, Journalist, former sex worker, United States
Melissa Hope Ditmore, Ph.D. Editor, Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work, USA
Migrant Sex Workers Project, Toronto, Canada
Mika Mikkonen, Development coordinator, A-clinicfoundation, Finland
Mina Gäredal, Sexual educator, Sweden
Morgan Norman, Chair of PG Mitt, Sweden
Nanna W. Gotfredsen, director, Gadejuristen, The Danish Street Lawyers, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nicklas Dennermalm, B.A in Peace and Conflict Studies, Sweden
Nicola Mai, Professor of Sociology and Migration Studies, London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
Niina Vuolajarvi, PhD Student, University of Eastern Finland / Rutgers University, United States
Nikhil Gurung, Secretary, ANPUD, Nepal
Olga Byelyayeva, Chair of board, ASTAU - Association of Substitution Treatment Advocates of Ukraine, Ukraine
Ophelia, Sex worker, Germany/Sweden/Australia
People For Sex Worker Rights in Western Australia
Peter Bengtson, Composer, Sweden
Peter Söderlund, Former parliamentary candidate and former party executive member for the Green Party of Sweden, Sweden
Petra Östergren, PhD student, Social Anthropology, Lund University, Sweden
Pye Jakobsson, Sex worker and feminist, Sweden
Rachel Wotton, International migrant sex worker, co-founder of Touching Base, and subject of Scarlet Road, Australia
Rita Alcaire, PhD Researcher in Human Rights and Member of RTS - Portuguese Network on Sex Work, Portugal
Ryan Cole, Sex worker and President of Scarlet Alliance Australian Sex Workers Association, Australia
Sarah, Private sex worker, Perth, Australia
Sharon Eves, Sex worker, South Australia
Shelley Stoops, United Kingdom
Signe Bremer, PhD in ethnology and researcher in gender studies, Uppsala University, Sweden
Sophie Strachan, Trustee, The Sophia Forum, United Kingdom
SWOP NT, Australia
Tarkwin Coles, Sex worker, NSW, Australia
Touching Base Inc, Australia
Tove Pils, Film director and care assistant, Sweden
Tracy Quan, New York, NY, USA
Wendy Lyon, Feminist, Ireland
Women Won’t Wait Campaign - End HIV and Violence Against Women NOW!
Xzenu Cronström Beskow, Sociologist, Sweden
Zahra Stardust, PhD Student, University of New South Wales, Australia
Zenitha Smith Westberg, Mother of Petite Jasmine, Sweden
Zoë Dodd, Feminist, community health care worker and activist, Toronto, Canada


AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention, New York City, USA
PROStitutes Collective US, San Francisco, United States
Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, Ottawa, Canada
Action for REACH OUT, Hong Kong
AFRO-BENIN Association, Abomey-Calavi, Benin
AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA), Windhoek, Namibia
Asia Catalyst, New York, United States
Asia Pacific Transgender Network, Bangkok, Thailand
Asociacion de Mujeres Meretrices De Argentina,
Association Sex Work ASPASIE, Geneva,
Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, New York, United States
Bill Dobbs, gay civil libertarian, New York City, USA
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Toronto, Canada
Comite de Apoyo a las Trabajadoras del Sexo (CATS), Spain
CREA, India
Dr. Jill McCracken, Associate Professor, University of South Florida, USA
Epicentro Centro Comunitario, Lima, Peru
Feministinen Aloite Feminist Initiative, Helsinki, Finland
Feminists For Solidarity, Stockholm, Sweden
HIV/AIDS Research & Welfare Centre (HARC), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Institute of Development Studies Mills, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
International Treatment Preparedness Coalition( ITPC LATCA), Guatemala
James Wandera Ouma LGBT Voice Tanzania, Dar es salaam, Tanzania
La Enredadera de Mujeres, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Maria Magdalena, St.Gallen, Switzerland
Network of Low HIV Prevalence Countries in Central and South East Europe, Belgrade, Serbia
Paul Berman, author, USA
Phoebe Dodd Vanderhorst, USA
PROKORE, Switzerland
Queer Theology Academy QTA, Central District, Hong Kong
Sex Industry Network (SIN), Australia,
Sexual Rights Initiative, Ottawa, Canada
SWOP, Tampa, USA
TAMPEP International Foundation TAMPEP, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Transgender Europe, Germany
Transvanilla Transgender Association, Budapest, Hungary






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