Remove All Social Media Platforms Of Grand Torino AKA Rowan Croft

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End Racism Ireland
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Grand Torino AKA Rowan Croft operates platforms which share far-right and dangerous views.

See his YouTube channel in link below.


See his Twitter handle in link below.

Take a look at GrandTorino (@rowanwcroft):


He interviews individuals who are members of far-right groups who promote hatred towards refugees, muslims and anyone who does not fit their nationalist agenda.

Grand Torino is gathering a large following and some of the comments on his YouTube channel and Twitter handle are frightening.

Grand Torino uploaded videos towards the end of last year alerting people to the fact that refugees were set to move into centres here in Ireland, refugees fleeing war and persecution in their homeland.

Grand Torino uploaded several videos at various locations of centres set to host refugees, these included locations in Donegal, Wicklow and Rooskey.

In one of his uploads he can be seen with far-right campaigners Caolan Robertson and operates the Irish branch of far-right movement Generation Identity, learn more about Generation Identity and in links below.


Learn about Caolan Robertson in link below.


Grand Torino is also linked to another far-right activist called Lauren Southern, learn more about her in link below.


Grand Torinos campaign against refugees especially at locations featured in his videos has sparked a mob, they are filled with hatred and on a mission of destruction.

Not long after Torino published videos about refugees coming to these centres in Ireland a fire was DELIBERATELY set at one of the locations Torino spoke about, a hotel in Donegal, learn more about this in link below.


Luckily nobody was seriously hurt but it prevented the hotel from opening to support refugees.

Last night January 10th another fire was DELIBERATELY set, this time at another centre Torino spoke of, a hotel in Rooskey which stands on the Roscommon/Leitrim border.

Read about this awful attack in link below.


This is two arson attacks at proposed refugee centres in recent months, both of them featured in Torinos campaign against refugees.

This has to STOP!

We cannot tolerate this any longer, this is NOT about freedom of speech.

Torino is offering platforms for HATE SPEECH!

We need to CENSOR platforms that deliver hate speech and racism.

Torino also begs the public for funding for his campaign and uses Go Fund Me and other means to achieve this, see in link below.


Grand Torino is a dangerous platform and it must be removed to protect society.

While we do not accuse Grand Torino of being directly involved in these crimes, the many thousands of comments that appear on his platforms clearly suggests that they are feeding and fuelling a narrative of hate which is only increasing the risk of such violent acts.  

See some comments supporting this hate in links below.


Please help us end the hate, please sign and share this petition.

Thank you!