Total security of female population in India

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Although we have lots of recommendation for action against eve teasing, sexual abuses and incident of rape against women and children in India, very less incident get reported to the police station and even after reporting, victims don't get proper justice.

By narrating a few critical legislation, I would like to recommend certain changes in the existing rules and regulation so that accused could be punished in a very short period of time. 

1. Reporting of threat related to rape, murder and use of sexual abuses in any hot argument if recorded and reproduced in the special fast-track court, should result in 1 week to 1-year jail and/or a huge fine.

2. With some media chat/talk evidence as text or voice, one can report the threat to police in advance and if the track record of accused is not good whereas track record of the victim or person getting threat is better, at least one week of jail term can be guaranteed to the accused without any firm evidence.

3. Organizations like Amnesty International India should be given more power to resolve disputes and prevent exploitation of women in Indian Homes as well.

4. Finally, rape is the most heinous incident one can expect in our society. Every single rape incident should be taken more seriously than the murder mystery and the accused should get into custody as soon as possible and after final verdict, he should get life imprisonment or should face capital punishment


1. These are mere basic suggestions and we expect the government to come up with more elaborate but somewhat similar rules in action.

2. The real motto is that in 90-95% cases women are physically weak. So, the law for physical torture should be such that in 90-95% cases it should be in favor of ladies. Equal strength for each and abolishment of slogan "Ladies First" gradually.