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Help seek justice for Maxwell Oben. He is a prisoner of conscience

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Mr Maxwell Oben is a critical Southern Cameroonian just like most Southern Cameroonians who are against the illegal occupation (colonization) of the Southern Cameroons by La Republiqué du Cameroun. British Southern Cameroons a former UN Trust Territory has been under siege for 54 years by La Republiqué du Cameroun. Any attempts and proposals made by Southern Cameroonians in order to enjoy their rights to freedom are met with repressive measures such as torture, incarceration and assassination by the brutal government of La Republiqué du Cameroun. Mr Maxwell Oben has been in pre-trial detention for One year under inhumane conditions at the Buea Maximum Security Detention Facility. He is a prisoner of conscience and his only crime being the fact that he is a Southern Cameroonian and also for reading a book by Che Guevara. 

Maxwell Oben was arrested a few days to celebrations marking the 50th anniversary (though celebrated on the 53rd anniversary) of the illegal occupation of British Southern Cameroons by La Republiqué du Cameroun. Mr Maxwell Oben was brutally assaulted in public by the Gendarmerie in a motor park where he was found sitting peacefully in a bus and reading a book by Che Guevara. Since Che Guevara is the mentor of all past, present and future folks who reject injustices and colonization, he was immediately whisked off to Yaounde to be tried by the Military Tribunal for trumped up charges for planning to incite an urban guerrilla warfare. In La Republiqué du Cameroun reading a book could be adjudged ‘subversive and seditious,’ and could lead you to the Military Tribunal and the Death Penalty. Mr Oben is this minute sitting in the Buea Prison where he has been held for over one year, awaiting his fate. 

With the recent draconian law passed by the country's Lower House of Representatives and approved by the Senate and signed into law by the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, HE Paul Biya, I am scared Maxwell maybe sent to the abattoir as it has been the case with other Southern Cameroonian activists who keep dying daily in prisons. My fears and worries are the same as those of other concerned Southern Cameroonians.

However, it should be noted that Maxwell Oben is not being tried by the competent court and on December 28, 2014 when he lastly appeared before the Military Tribunal in Buea, the examining magistrate of the tribunal, asked him just two questions: “Have you ever operated a gun”? Answer: No. “Are you an SCNC activist”? Answer: Yes. The judge then proceeded to put him on one year of pre-trial detention, renewable.

The last time Maxwell Oben was allowed visitors, he also disclosed that the Buea military judge declared his incompetence to hear his matter. He brandished a written statement by the examining magistrate of the Military Tribunal declaring that the court is incompetent to hear the matter because they found him innocent of all the charges against him. He also lamented that his condition in the prison is worse than that of a dog. He also regretted that the over ten lawyers who were advocating for his freedom free of charge since his arrest have all withdrawn because of financial difficulties. 

With all the above mentioned, please share this post as much as possible to all your contacts so that pressure can be put to bear on Mr Biya for the release Maxwell Oben and other detained Southern Cameroonians.

Thanks and God bless you all. Long live Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia


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