Free Zara Mohammadi

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Her name is Zara,
She's a 27 years old Kurdish Girl, a teacher from the Kurdistan region of Iran who has been imprisoned by the Iranian government for 7 days without releasing any information about the place where she has been held captive nor the motives for her arrest so far. Zara is a social activist who has dedicated her life to a nonprofit organization NGO called Nojin which the sole purpose of her NGO is to teach her native language (kurdish) to students who otherwise not allowed to study Kurdish in schools, although teaching and studying minority languages are permitted in the constitution of Iran but this ammendment just like all others in the constitution never been practiced nor been allowed permission, therefore Zara and others like her have decided to voluntarily with their own money and resources as well as the help and donations of others in the communities provide a place and necessary elements to be able to teach their native language to kids and whom others desired to learn and study. Zara is a social activist who has always sacrificed her own life and dedicated her time to help others who in need. In all natural disasters such as the 2017 earthquake in Kermashan in western region of Iran and the most recent storm floods in south central regions of Iran (Lorestan) Zara voluntarily along with her students and other NGOs began going door to door to gather immediate relief supplies such as food, medication, clothes and water and delivered to the survivors of such disasters, in many cases where the main roads to many of the affected villages by the natural disasters were either blocked, flooded or completely destroyed and overrun by the flood did not stop Zara but along with her students and peers carried the supplies on their backs and walked miles through mountains to deliver the aids to the survivors and people in need. Zara has not committed any crime nor has ever had any contact with any political opposition of Iran, therefore her arrest is against all rules and regulations that any humanity and societies were built on. At this moment we ask all human rights organizations, all social activists, all humans with dignity, the entire Kurdish population across the globe, all NGO committees in the world, Iran and Kurdistan to be the voice of Zara and do what's in their power to pressure the iranian government to release Zara immediately and releases information about the reasons behind this arrest.
Our best regards to all who shown concerns and followed up on the situation pertaining Zara. May God bless you and God bless Zara. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.