Expose Ezekiel Gebissa's Hate Crime Complicity.

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Professor Ezekiel Gebissa of Kettering University along with his political allies, Jawar Mohammed and others have been instigating ethnic clashes that have claimed many innocent lives targeting non-Oromos, mainly Amharas and Gurages. As a result, hundreds of non-Oromo civilians were brutally massacred in Oromia in three days span this week. The Ethiopian government took legal actions against Jawar Mohammed and members of his media network OMN. They are now behind bars. Ezekiel evaded justice hiding in the US.

From the comfort of his residency in the United States, Ezekiel Gebissa peddles ethnic hostilities among Ethiopians to undermine and upend the current progress Ethiopia has been undertaking.

Ethiopia is led by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, an ethnic Oromo who has taken important measures for national reconciliation to stabilize Ethiopia but Ezekiel Gebissa and Co who were once his allies, decided to rally radical Oromos and militant OLF members against his government to replace it with their faction and marginalize millions of non-Oromo Ethiopians. They have succeeded in making Oromia a living hell to non-Oromos where extra-judicial killings, burning of Churches, businesses and private properties are the daily norm. 

At this time, many innocent ethnic Amhara and ethnic Gurages in Oromia are hunted down, savagely beaten and murdered. There are reports of an entire family of five who were brutally slaughtered and mutilated by radical Oromos. Even peaceful Oromos who believe in Ethiopians' unity are perceived as enemies and victimized. The famed Ethiopian gold medalist athlete, proponent of peace and unity, Haile Gebre Sillasie had become the latest victim. One of his high rise buildings in Oromia was burned down despite being an ethnic Oromo. 

Seventeen ethnic Amhara girls aged between 15 and 21 were kidnapped by radical Oromos in Oromia supported by Ezekiel Gebissa and never been heard from again despite worldwide outcry and efforts by the government.

Ezekiel Gebissa played a climacteric role in inciting such violences as evident in the many Youtube videos managed by the OMN media network owned by Jawar Mohammed who had once notoriously called on killing Christians in Oromia by machetes. A video that still exists in Youtube.

Famous national treasures of great historical importance are desecrated and destroyed by the radical Oromo youth who answered calls by Ezekiel Gebissa and his allies as it was seen in Harer, Ethiopia and London, England. 

Ethiopia is a global partner against terrorism and the diplomatic capital in Africa. Ethiopia's stability is pivotal in maintaining peace in East Africa and curbing the spread of terrorism. Ethnic clashes of such magnitude can grow into genocide and ultimately, the collapse of the nation as a whole might ensue. If people like Ezekiel Gebissa, Jawar Mohammed, Tsegaye Ararsa and members of the militant OLF are not stopped, exposed and designated as terrorist entities, East Africa will soon become a problem the international community might not remedy in time.  

We call upon all concerned parties to look into this time sensitive problem and help stop these irresponsible agents of hate crime and death.

We call on the Kettering University to disassociate its good name from Ezekiel Gebissa who have used his position at the University to spread political propagandas under the guise of history lessons.

We call on the Amnesty International and the United Nations to make their own investigations to understand what is going on in Oromia and the plight of Amharas and Gurages.

We call on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to look into the activities of Ezekiel Gebissa, Jawar Mohammed and the OMN. As citizens of the United States, their alleged collaboration with foreign agents and corrupt Tplf officials to destabilize a US allied nation resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians is crime and against the interests of the United States government.

We call on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to hold responsible peddlers of ethnic clash and take advantage of the popular support he has to maintain peace and calm in Ethiopia. We call upon him to revise the constitution and end ethnic federalism once and forall.

We also call on Ethiopians to help hold responsible these genocidal advocates of hate crime who have no regard for human lives whatsoever.

Thank you 

Ethiopians against Ethnic Violence