Protect the Victim, Not the Suspect

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It has come to light in recent events just how poorly Texas A&M University handles its sexual assault cases and accusations. We have come forward demanding the university take appropriate action against this culprit.

A&M needs to take a lesson from the case of Brock Turner, a “champion swimmer” and a student at Stanford University, and take the following actions:

     1) The culprit needs to be immediately removed from the university’s swim team.

     2) The culprit should be expelled from the university.

     3) Texas A&M should publicly release a protocol on how the university will handle any future rape cases, especially those which involve students who represent the university at the national or international level.

    4) A majority of students are unaware of our campus’ Title IX office. Those who know of it often do not know where it is located, how to contact it, or what they do. Texas A&M should make it mandatory to add the location of, and information about what the Title IX office does for sexual assault and discrimination cases to every syllabus. As well, the contact information for the Title IX coordinator should be included in all syllabi.

    5) We ask Texas A&M University to require their faculty to disclose trigger warnings regarding sexual assault topics when they are to be discussed in the classroom, i.e. presented within the syllabus or forward email. Many victims face years of repercussions; The National Women's Study reported that 1 in 3 rape victims develop PTSD. Trigger warnings in classrooms will serve as a preventative alert to students. Trigger warnings are vital for students to know they are entering a safe environment and prevent students from entering a distressful scenario.

In solidarity, TAMU Amnesty and F.R.E.E.

“Protect the victim, not the suspect”