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Abolish the torture that is solitary confinement

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Solitary Confinement is a form of punishment which is widespread across the world. It is cruel, unfair and thoughtless. Today's restrictions of solitary confinement vary from region to region, however there is a common factor. These laws and policies are loose. Punishments, including solitary confinement, are often at the discretion of guards or supervisors in many instances worldwide.

Solitary confinement is a violation of human rights. While in solitary confinement your right to Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment alongside your Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security are removed. Many of the countries who openly use solitary confinement, also pride themselves in being world leaders in equality and celebrate peoples human rights. While they are celebrating human rights they are forgetting about some of their most vulnerable citizens, who have been forcefully isolated. 

In juvenile prisons in NSW, Australia there are recurring cases of children being locked in solitary confinement for long periods, repeatedly. It is considered acceptable because they only spend 23 hours a day isolated, because laws state that it is illegal in Australia to keep a child isolated in a cell for more than 24 hours. This rational is harmful to these children, who commonly self harm while in isolation by ramming their heads in to the walls, who get taken out of school while they are isolated, who get to see none of their peers while they are isolated, who get an hour of recreation a day while handcuffed when they are put in solitary confinement.  It is so morally wrong, yet it is happening RIGHT NOW.

In Australia it is hardly ever called solitary confinement or isolation, it is more frequently regression or behavioural management. These are just more ways which it justified, because realistically everyone knows that solitary confinement is wrong, so by calling it something else, it suddenly isn't as bad.  

Solitary confinement, especially for young people, needs to end today. 

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