A critical review and re-evaluation addressed to DoHA; Concerning the “Migrants Program”

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The Department of Home Affairs Australia is the primary governing body responsible for immigration and customs border policy,

For the year ending 30 June 2019: There were over 7.5 million migrants living in Australia. (Source; ABS)

Within recent years  (Notably early  2020-2021 onwards ) amongst the COVID-19 Pandemic, Migrants whom reside in Australia are experiencing a lack of overall support , clarity and advocacy in relation to their Visa and Australian residency status’.

The decisions made by the DoHA have left many individuals and their families  questioning their future in Australia.

These individuals are often highly skilled workers or students working towards a higher education amongst Australia’s WCU’s.

The most concerning fields of which were neglected amid the 2020-2021 Migration Programs rounds were Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Technicians. 

Migrants who hold STEM degrees or relevant qualifications with STEM fields need to be considered as an upmost priority ;

The skills and qualifications of such individuals stand as imperative to fulfil crucial roles needed to secure and facilitate the future of Australia .

In consideration to the prioritisation and Utilisation of medical personnel in the relevant Medical fields during Covid -19 , whilst these fields are a priority for the management of covid- Those in STEM will be necessary for the overall reform and recovery of the Australian Economy , Development and Infrastructure long after COVID-19.

They are the architects of tomorrow , and we have a responsibility to foster and advocate for their rights and opportunities whilst in Australia .

For those of aforementioned skilled workers who have been involved in the  lengthy and exorbitant process to achieve residency , a vast majority have been amongst some of the most adversely affected by the DoHA decisions.

The DoHA needs to be subjected to a critical reform; in relation to not only their current decisions but their overall policies , as they display a clear disconnect from reality.

If Mr.Morrison and the LNP are set on reviving Australia ; The Migration Program must be extended and revised to include far greater opportunities , processors, and  larger invitation Intakes .

This petition signifies that you stand by those affected by the arbitrary and inequitable decisions / policies put forth by the DoHA .