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Amnesty International must remove Arab Nationalist Lama Fakih reporting about Kurdistan

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 “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” by Malcolm X

"Kurds always have became prey to various nationalist interests in the region in the last century" Today same thing happening thru paid and/or nationalist agents dispersed in local and international organizations. Politically driven big smear campaign is being waged against the Kurds and Rojava revolution.  

Arab Nationalist advisor Lama Fakih at Amnesty, has been publishing distorted reports from Syria and Kurdistan in general. While Kurdish forces are not and should not be immune to any human right abuses, distorting a reality with only talking to ISIS supporters and closing eye to the biggest human tragedy of the 21st century committed by ISIS and their offshoot organizations and supporters, is no way can be considered a fair reporting practice. PYD (Democratic Union Party) administration is the only administration in Middle East to recognize secular and multicultural administration as main principles while protecting and securing all religious, women and gender rights including gays. Kurdish Administration PYD already called for international organizations to keep their reporters in the region and witness war on ISIS to avoid any false allegations.

Lama Fakih's latest report about YPG's displacements of some families of the ISIS supporters due to on going fight against ISIS is exaggerated disproportionately and become as if it is the main human right issue in Syria while ISIS and other Jihadist terrorist organizations committing mass murders, rapes, bombing of historical sites, decapitations and many more. To make the approach worse, satellite image shown in the report belongs to 2014 and interviewed residents admitted that buildings were destroyed due to fighting of IS, FSA and regime fighting continued till early 2015 prior to YPG. Hard to believe and suspicious part was, Amnesty report deliberately accepted that buildings rebuilt in the short period prior to YPG taking over. No proof of rebuilding. In the middle of dirty war, who would believe buildings are rebuilt in months prior YPG demolishing them again! Just accusations based on people who have family members fighting in the ranks of ISIS. Look at Kobane, after one year of liberation, town is still trashed. Maybe Amnesty can blame YPG for it as well. Reporting should be done within the context of the dirty war ISIS is waging and killing innocent lives every day from these hidden cells.

YPG/J and Arab fighters fighting together under one unified front against ISIS and other jihadist organizations supported by Turkey, Katar, Saudi Arabia. Arab fighters Burkan al-Firat commander Şervan Dervîş dismissed ethnic cleansing allegations and assured that neither YPG/J nor Burkan al-Firat or any fighters under unified front in anyway acting based on ethic origin rather affiliations with ISIS or not. This unified front consist of Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians and other minorities is a guarantee not to get into sectarian fight. It is a big purposely made mistake from Lama Fakih side not talk to office of Arabic fighters "Burkan al-Firat" about such reports. 

Lama Fakih did not mention any historical and current shelling attacks from Free Syrian Army and Syrian Defence forces and ISIS bombings in two towns reported. See reports of Syrian regime bombing of Husseiniya earlier 2015 .In addition, SOHR(Syrian Observatory For Human Rights) denied any ethnic cleansing from YPG (See Link ). That's proven by how many Arabs fight within YPG and how Arab groups are allied to YPG. PYD treats every nationality and every religion in an equal manner that's not happening anywhere in Syria and thats radical even for region

If Arab Nationalist Lama Fakih and/or Amnesty International, serious about Syria and Kurdish region, there should be a complete report explaining the full events and human right violations rather than just focusing on displacement of some ISIS supporters and publishing as war crimes.

We demand Amnesty International to remove Lama Fakih from reporting Syria and Kurdish region and replace her with a Senior objective reporter and take the matter more objectively, complete and seriously.

Unless objective and fair reporting is assured from Amnesty International, we reserve our right to ask international community to stop supporting Amnesty International due to tilted and short sighted reporting which can potentially trigger further ethnic conflicts in the region. Our only hope  is that Rojava forces continue to act as unified front against all kind of external ethnic and religious provocations and build a democratic inclusive society. 

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