Free Noura Hussein

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Noura Hussein was a marital rape victim, who was sentenced to death earlier this year.


When Noura was 16, her father wanted to marry her off to some man he found as a suitor. When she heard this, she ran away to a relative's house and she stayed there for 3 years, until one day her father got back in contact with her and said that the man had left the idea and that he did not want her anymore. Believing her father, she went back to his house, her house, only to find out he had tricked her and had already planned her wedding to said man.

They got married. She refused to have sex wit him for the first few days. On the fourth day, he gathered a bunch of his relatives to hold her down, while he raped her.

When he tried doing this the next day, she defended herself, which ultimately lead to his death. When her father heard that she killed the man, he gave her in to police custody, and he washed his hands of her.

She was sentenced to death for excercising her human right to defend her body. Thankfully the death sentence was abolished, and even though that is a major victory it is still not enough.

she has been sentenced to 5 years in prison and has to pay a hefty fine. 

By signing this petition, you are ensuring that justice is given to Noura and thousand of other girls who are in her position as we speak, and that she gets the help and support she needs, which is the exact opposite of what prison time and fines offer her.

By signing this petition, you have a part to play in the fact that a girl will grow up to be free and will not be shackled by this backwards mentality and this false and dangerous narrative that she is nothing but property, a cattle for her man and he is entitled to use her the way he pleases.

We all have a part to play in this world. 

What part are you willing to play?

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