Issue Govt Permits to Caregivers of Persons with Disabilities and Elders on Priority Basis

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In a historic move, over 1.3 billion Indians have been asked to stay home during a 21-day lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Indians across the country are staying at home, and can only step out to access essential services. Unfortunately, I cannot do that as I am wheelchair-user. 

As we all follow social distancing, our public facilities are not disabled-friendly and barrier-free. I am struggling with the basics of having my caregivers reach my house without being stopped by the police. 

The Government needs to provide minimum support services for people with disabilities and the elderly during the ongoing lockdown. There is a need for government permits to be issued for the caregivers and helpers of persons with disabilities/ elderly on a priority basis. Sign my petition.

In the absence of accessible public facilities and assistive technologies, the disabled need human assistance. But social distancing makes it difficult, especially those of us living alone. Some of us are struggling to access our basic medical supplies like catheters, urine bags etc. 

During the three weeks of lockdown, persons with disabilities who would require guidance to navigate to the hospital, medical stores or places to fetch essential commodities. The government needs to be mindful of our restrictions.

I was able to get help by tweeting about my concerns, but I know there are so many persons with disabilities who need help, and are not being able to ask for it. 

Sign my petition asking the Home Minister to issue government permits to caregivers and helpers of persons with disabilities on priority basis. Share my petition so we can end this #DisabilityOnLockdown