Requesting HDFC Life to not reject my dead brother's claim saying he had severe asthma and persistent high blood pressure. This is baseless. Those closer to shahzad may testify that he had mild asthma and no high blood pressure.

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Dear Sir,

My deceased brother opened a policy (Number 16717663) with HDFC Life and policy commencement date was 31st March 2014.

He died on 17th November 2014 evening because of a very sudden and fatal asthma attack which made him breathless. Before any emergency response could be made available, he died at home- Patna on the lap of my mother. We just couldn't get enough time to save him.

He submitted a detailed medical questionnaire and also have undergone medical examination at Apex Diagnostics at Gurgaon on 26th March 2014.

My brother- Late Mr. Shahzad Wakeel, suffered from mild asthma since 2001 and used asthalin inhaler as a measure of self treatment. He never suffered from persistent severe asthma or high blood pressure at the age of 30 years.

HDFC life, while rejecting my brother's death claim has cited that my brother suffered from persistent severe asthma and high blood pressure. This is absolutely wrong because I have lived with him for 28 long years and I have seen him very closely. In severe asthma conditions, you have oxygen cylinder at home, you are bedridden most of the time, you undergo corticosteroid and bronchodilator treatments. We have never availed any such things as he always had mild asthma. The point of rejection is completely baseless.

My deceased brother - Mr Shahzad Wakeel lived a normal extroverted life and till date has a huge friends base. He was the president of Pankhudi Foundation, an NGO working for underprivileged children in different parts of India, AGRAJ initiative, Gyan Initiative, Organizer of Patna Marathon, First Patna Flash Mob. He was very active in college extracurricular activities of IIT Bombay and was the institute fine arts secretary as well.

He used to go for trek, used to go for swimming. Even on the date of his death, hours before, he was chatting with our locality people for our sister's marriage arrangement.

Dear Sir !

The death of my brother is a huge blow to us and HDFC Life rejecting a very genuine death claim is completely unjust. After the sudden death of my brother, I, the middle brother took help from my deceased brothers friend to arrange for funds for the marriage of my sister on 30th Dec 2014 (7.5 lacs). There is a huge credit card due amount of my deceased brother (2.6 lacs), there is my younger brother education loan(3.5 lacs), which was taken care of by my deceased brother, there is my brother's car loan of around 3.6 lacs.

After his death, after finding so many papers scattered here and there, I was very content when I saw that my brother opened a policy with you. I thought one line that one line which best suites how much he cared for us. That one line is "Zindagi ke sath bhi, Zindagi ke baad bhi". I discussed with my mother, who is now 60 years old that we will first finish all liabilities after getting the claim amount and then we will use the left corpus for his AGRAJ initiative. 

Two very thorough investigations have happened from morning till evening where I submitted all posssible papers related to my brother. Whatever they asked, I submitted. I took these investigators with me on my bike from places to places for verification of records. I assisted your claims team in getting the leave records from Indiabulls Foundation where my brother worked last.

After 121 days of continuous followups, I got the mail saying my claim stands rejected. This has shattered us and further aggravated and made a mockery of our condition.

Again I reaffirm, this claim is a very genuine claim and no stand of rejection. I request you to review and process this death claim as soon as possible.


Dilkash Wakeel



@ Dear Friends and Well wishers,

This petition will be attached with the review letter sent again to the claims team of HDFC Life. Will also help in conusmer court affairs if needed in the future.

I requst all those friends and well wishers who were very near to him to kindly testify in the comment box along with the following:-
1) Name
2) Designation
3) Email/ mobile number
4) Your testimony about the health condition of shahzad and why this genuine death claim should not have been rejected.

I will take the print out of this petition and send the same to claims review team if they do not speedily process the claim.

I will be very thankful for this genuine help.


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