Government of India Make Sure Guys Like Binix Get Proper Punishment

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Does it pay to be a girl in India? It does, maybe that is why girls like me get harassed very often. The nation was on roads for outrage during the Nirbhaya incident. Even though still, girls like me and their family has to suffer because of guys like Binix whose parents support them open-handedly.
I don't want to pay the price of being born as a girl in India. I want to get rid of the tension from Binix Hande who is continuously harassing me for the last 7 years. As I went on living my life, with this harassment of years, my name got attention due to which other girls contacted me about the same pattern of his behavior towards them.
He has been physically violent towards all of them and even gives threat to them ever now and then. At certain times, he loses his mind and attacks those girls, as he did with me and their families.
While other parents make sure that their ward doesn't get indulged into bad activities, his father is also involved, as he is always ready to talk to girl's parents and is eager to point out that your girl is at fault as she even talked to him. he has threatened to throw acid on them and tried to throw on me on 26th august 2019, for which he might even get bail.
I would request you to sign this petition, so the Government can enforce strict rules for guys like Binix, who make the life of girls like me Hell.

I need your support because, he has a certificate saying that he is mentally unstable, which is what he uses to harass me and other girls as well.Indian court can release him with that certificate, as indian law says that he is to be living in mental institute instead of prison.

He gets out of mental hospital with the help of his father and even runs away. Even when is in rehab, his father gets him out. His father, deependra hande, when asked help from other girl's families, blames the girl and says' Maro chokro toh gando che, tame tamari chokri ne kem nathi sachavta'. (Basically my son is crazy, why don't you take care of your girl).