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Officially Declare Trump A Global Embarrassment

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To all citizens from all countries, from every continent around the globe:

In these difficult times, we, the global community, should be able to look to the so-called 'leader of the free world' with a sense of security; a sense that, under the global guidance of the President of the United States, we could possibly make this world a better place for all its inhabitants.

When I look at President Trump from the relative safety of England, however, all I see is an embarrassing reminder that humanity is going backwards. After around 6,000 years of human civilisation, and roughly 2,000 years of democracy, how could a man such as Donald Trump fathomably come anywhere close to the 'most powerful man on earth'? What kind of circumstances have to occur for this insane eventuality to come to fruition?

I am not an American, but the decisions of the American president affect all of us in the global community. I am British by birth, and it is apparent that Trump's behaviour is most certainly not compatible with 'British values', thus how can even America's closest ally tolerate communications, with an aim at global political progression, with this man? It is almost inconceivable.

Donald Trump has continuously demonstrated the worst possible traits a human can demonstrate in such a position of power. He is immensely ignorant of diplomacy and tackles highly sensitive global political situations with the grace of drunk dog who has somehow just gained a very basic grasp of language; he brazenly opposes free speech and free thought; he openly mocks people with disabilities, and other people for not fitting into his fantasy of aesthetic perfection (the word Arian springs to mind); he has expressed incestuous tendencies towards his daughter; he is racist, no matter how much he protests; he is misogynistic, no matter how much he thinks 'grabbing women by the p***y' represents feminism; he denies climate change in the face of scientific fact; and, perhaps most significantly, he has provoked some of the most strained (and potentially cataclysmic) political relationships around the globe to near the point of no return.

For these reasons, I think it is highly suitable that Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, be officially declared a global embarrassment! 

(How this declaration will be set in stone can be discussed hitherto)

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