Amicable Settlement of Babri Masjid - Ram Janmabhoomi Dispute

Amicable Settlement of Babri Masjid - Ram Janmabhoomi Dispute

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Aftab Ahmad Khan started this petition to Indian Muslims

In view of the Hon'ble Supreme Court's observations, while hearing appeal in this matter, to amicably settle the Ayodhya dispute in consultation with the parties to dispute, i.e. Hindus and Muslims, it is proposed by this Forum, consisting of intellectual and lay persons, to create consensus, especially among Muslims to come up with an amicable solution, acceptable to all parties, so that this festering wound may be healed for all time to come. It is an attempt to bring minority and majority communities together and reach a final settlement as soon as possible, without interference of the vested interests, whose only interest is to prolong the dispute to harvest political gains.

During last 70 years, some religious leaders from both the Muslims and Hindu communities have played an active role in creating only differences between these two communities. It is also worth noticing that in all communal riots since 1947, not a single religious leader, a politician or any big business man has come to any harm, in monetary or personal term. It is only poor men of either community, who have suffered, both grievous and business losses. Thus, it is high time that ordinary Muslims may come together to find an amicable and practical solution to this ticklish problem.

This forum discussed the issue with several intellectuals and persons of different strata, and reached a consensus that we may propose a solution and let Hon'ble Supreme Court be aware of views of ordinary Muslims of this country and help them to reach a legal and practical decision.

Thus, after detailed discussion with few like-minded persons, well versed with all aspects of the issue, we have tentatively proposed following points as a possible solution, for consideration of intellectuals as well as common men and women of our community:

(i) Muslims of this country, as a goodwill gesture may voluntarily, offer to give disputed land at Ayodhya, for construction of a Ram temple at that site.

(ii) In exchange, sufficient land (say, approx. 10 acres) be allotted to Muslims at a suitable place at Ayodhya, for construction of a beautiful mosque (and other suitable structure) there, as per wishes of Muslims of this country.

(iii) Further and most importantly, an assurance from Hindu brothers, backed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court and or approved by the President of India, may be given to the effect that no further dispute shall be raised for and about any other Muslim religious place in the country, i.e. status quo as on the eve of independence is to be maintained for all time to come.

(iv) At the same time, it may also be prescribed and responsibility for enforcing, fixed on certain persons, like local M.P., M.L.A., D.M. and S.P. to strictly enforce the provisions of the law passed in 1991, namely The Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991. Any infringement of the provision of this Act may attract both administrative and legal action against the erring party.

If you agree with our aforementioned proposals, you may sign this petition, to strengthen our hands in creating an atmosphere of goodwill in our country.

Warm Regards

Amir Haider, Advocate & Social Worker
Moid Ahmed, Ex Minister, UP Government
Tariq Ghauri, Retd. Commissioner, Customs & Central Excise
Justice Badrud Duja Naqvi, Retd.
Waheed Siddiqui, Businessman & Social Worker
Aftab Ahmad Khan, Retd. Add. DGP CRPF

All India Muslim Forum for Ayodhya Dispute Settlement
5/5, Park Road, 4th Floor, Drosia Tower, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!