Couple racial harassment at Emporia State University; Settlement of Angelica Hale case

Couple racial harassment at Emporia State University; Settlement of Angelica Hale case

August 17, 2015
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Why this petition matters

Started by Selected Concerned Community Individuals Re: Emporia State University

New demands:

Dear President Garrett, 

(cc: KBOR, American Library Association)

I am writing to you regarding Emporia State University and the handling of Angelica Hale’s federal case. I along with many other concerned individuals stand in solidarity with Dr. Melvin and Angelica Hale.
Ms. Hale has endured 5 years of hardship due to ESU’s inaction in acknowledging that the university violated Title VII and Ms. Hale’s constitutional rights.
Here is our demand: That you agree to honor Angelica Hale’s petition for damages that she filed with the court. ESU cannot both propose to the community that they respect human rights while simultaneously denying the harm that they caused to both of the Hales for simply insisting that the university respond appropriately to their report of hate speech. Like them, we will not allow this matter to be swept under the rug. The universities’ conduct is tantamount to having their knee on the Hale’s necks for over five years. This has to stop, and it has to stop now.




Historic information and continuing demands:

PURPOSE of the October 27th MARCH

Online and in-person march at 11:30am, October 27, 2015 at Emporia State University (this is march #2)

In Brief:

To the ALA (American Library Association): Do not fully Accredit the Emporia State University ALA certified program;

To the Kansas Board of Regents and Emporia State University: We demand a full independent investigation of the hate crime and SLIM; and demand an increase in  the number of black faculty and staff at Emporia State University.


Full Overview for Support of Marches:

To offer full support of Ms. Angelica Hale, Dr. Melvin Hale along with the Emporia State University Black and Latino Faculty and Staff as they draw attention to the climate of injustice, inequality, and fear on the Emporia State University campus with their March on Emporia, September 15, 2015 and October 27, 2015  We stand with them as concerned individuals and organizations participating in the march in-person and also online nationwide.

1. For ESU and SLIM Administration and the ESU Police Department to
acknowledge that the Hales were victims of a hate-based incident that
occurred when someone attacked them by unlawfully entering an office,
tampering with the contents, and writing the “N” word on a notepad.

2. To bring attention to the fact that Emporia State retaliated against the Hales
for reporting the hate-based incident and demanding an appropriate response to it.

3. To draw attention to the flawed results of the Emporia State “investigation,”
which relied solely on legal definitions of “hate crime” and was conducted by an
insider with ties to the highly probable ESU suspect, according to Wendy Carlson,
an internationally acclaimed forensic handwriting examiner.*

4. To highlight the lack of empathy by ESU and Interim Pres. Vietti, who talks of
“moving forward” when she has never even acknowledged the Hales’ injury.

5. To shine a light on the fact that minority voices are not included when
determining whether or not a hate-based incident has occurred on campus.

6. To protest ZERO tenured Black faculty at ESU, after 150+ years!

*Go to to hear Wendy Carlson’s expert opinion.

Read the story on the Associated Press:

Thank you!  -Angelica Hale


Support now
Signatures: 329Next Goal: 500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Accreditation office - American Library AssociationAmerican Library Association office of Accreditation
  • Allison Garrett, President at Emporia State UniversityPresident, Emporia State University
  • Blake Flanders - Kansas Board of RegentsKansas Board of Regents
  • Kansas Board of Regents
  • Julius JeffersonPresident, American Library Association