Get Bike/ Walking lanes for County Rd 50 and County Rd 20

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The corner of County Rd 50 and County Rd 20 has a relatively new, young group of families that now own a large portion of the real estate in the area.  These young families have children, which cannot currently safely access the nearby attractions as there is no walking/ biking lane or sidewalk.  Holiday beach is a beautiful conservation area, and a lovely place to hike and experience nature with children.  It is only 2.1km from the corner of CR 50 and CR 20, however it is not currently possible to safely ride bikes to Holiday Beach as the cars are going at much too high of a speed to safely bike on the road.  Malden Public school is where a large portion of the children that live in the area attend, and is a mere 700m, yet the children aren't able to bike or walk to school or the neighboring baseball park, because County Rd 20 is also too busy with cars driving at a high speed to make it safe to be on the road to walk/bike. 

I am starting this petition to hopefully get Amherstburg's Town Councils Attention in order to get bike/ walking lanes on the portions of County Rd 50 and County rd 20 that would make it possible for families to access these attractions without having to drive to them every time.