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Waste Segregation Awareness

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The conditions, issues and problems of waste management in the industrialized and developing worlds are different. Services and programmes that include proper waste disposal for management of hazardous biological and chemical waste, minimization and recycling will be needed. 

According to Julie Boehlke (2017), tossing everyday items into the trash can seems like second nature to many people. If you are implementing recycling techniques into your lifestyle, you are taking a positive step toward helping the environment. Improper garbage disposal is not just an eysore, it poses a serious threat to nature that causes calamities in our country.

Our mission is to give information to the people for them to be able to learn how to segregate their own waste from their garbage bin or trash can. To contribute a sustainable development and promote community awareness to achieve the goals.

Our vision is to be able to uplift the cleanliness and orderliness of our environment. To create a protection and sustainability of the environmental and natural resources as well as to enlarged the chance of having a well-organized community. And to improve the quality of life.

The purpose of the project is to lessen the negative effect of improper waste management. To give awareness to the people in every circumstances that might occur and possibilities of having an unhealthy environment. Specialy to have a clean and green community by having an accurate waste disposal.

Waste segregation is the process of dividing garbage and waste products in an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle materials. Preparation. Identification and Segregation. Once your waste meets the definition of solid waste, you must then determine if it meets the definition of hazardous waste under Section C of the RCA.

Ignorance of people brought large amount of garbage to our place. Proper waste management is a responsibility in terms of garbage disposal to prevent any kind of disaster that might come.

Amethycians aims to create a Facebook page that will promote information connected to the proper waste segregation in every community. It contains law such as "Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000. An act providing for an ecological solid waste management program, creating the necessary institutional mechanisms and incentives, declaring certain acts prohibited and providing penalties, appropriating funds therefore, and for other purposes." Was passed by the Congress  and Senate on 2000 and signed by the President on January 26,2001. It also contains some benefits of being responsible in every action we do in managing our own waste, together with the advantages and disadvantages of having a proper waste management. The scope of our project is to be able to reached the Barangay Chairman, parents, teenagers/ students and other people around the world thaq will support our petition. 

Our group will requiring a week to develop this project and we will start our promotion right after we created the Facebook page. The expense may only include is the the internet and computer rental.

If there is any questions or clarifications regarding on our project feel free to contact us by visting our Facebook page.


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