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Ameritox Laboratory bullies low wage worker and grandmother with federal lawsuit!

My name is Pamela Rockwell. I am a single mother of three and grandmother of four. I work in a doctors’ office in Port Huron, Michigan. My job is to process urine specimens and send them to a laboratory for testing related to pain management care for our patients. It’s a basic job, but it pays the bills, and I love the people I work with.

I got the job a few years ago through a placement agency that works with Ameritox, a laboratory that tests the urine specimens. In March, the doctors’ office decided to fire Ameritox. They weren’t happy with the quality of service they were getting and switched to another laboratory. I thought I was out of a job. But the doctors like my work and they recommended me to the new company, which hired me. Needless to say, I was very relieved.

Now Ameritox has decided to come after me with everything they’ve got. They say I violated a non-compete agreement by taking a job with the new lab and that I cannot work with any lab which processes specimens (which is all of them) for six months. And they claim I cannot work directly for the doctors’ office or any other office within their network. They’re saying I have “trade secrets.” This is ridiculous! I simply collect urine specimens. The only reason they’re suing me is to get back at a competitor. What kind of company files a federal lawsuit against someone like me, who earns $11.50 an hour processing urine at a doctors’ office? I really need this job. I live paycheck to paycheck. If I lose this job I don’t know what I’m going to do. I am completely on my own. If you have ever been to Port Huron you know it is really suffering economically. There are no jobs here. Ameritox is a big company with investors like Bain Capital. It’s unbelievable that they would have the nerve to come after me financially and personally. I have nothing, and they are trying to get me fired from my new job.

If Ameritox succeeds I fear for all people trying to make a life, not even a good one, just one of basic needs. Ameritox shouldn’t be able to swoop down, dictate whom you can work for and, ultimately, when you can work. Ameritox is trying to destroy any chance I have of survival. Truth be known, if this is allowed there will be no room for advancement, healthy competiveness or the right to choose, only vindictive control and corporate gain at all our expense.

Please sign my petition and tell Ameritox to drop their intimidating federal lawsuit against me.

I really appreciate your support please check out my you tube video!


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