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Allow cats to become service animals in the US

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In United states of America only dogs and miniature horses are recognized as service animals. Animals that are not a dog or a miniature horse are not allowed to become legal service animals even if the animal has the same training as any other service animal it cannot be a service animal. For individuals like me who are disabled and would greatly benefit from a service animal that aren't very fond of dogs and cannot afford a miniature horse we are out of luck. Not every disabled person who needs a service animal like dogs or can have a dog because some people are allergic to dogs or scared of dogs. Most individuals with disabilities or parents of kids of disabilities can afford a miniature horse or have a place to fit a horse. Being disabled is expensive already and a specialized miniature horse isn't a cheap service animal and dogs can be expensive too. Only 2 animals are legally allowed to become service animals a miniature horse and a dog. A miniature horse as the only alternative option if you don't want a service dog is ridiculous because how many people can maintain a miniature horse . I think their should be more options like perhaps a cat. Cats are domesticated , smart, and trainable like a dog or a horse. People say cats don't always listen some are really irritable but that is with any  animal. Animals are like people and each have different personalities because there are some dogs that can't be service animals doesn't mean that doesn't mean that they should be excluded just because not all them can be trained if a cat is able to be trained as a service animal and behaves as service animal and listens to the handler it should be allowed to be a service animal. Cats are cheaper and smaller than dogs and horses. They are some cats that can detect seizures, some that can detect sugar levels of diabetic patients, some that can be trained to detect panic attacks and calm down people with disabilities like autism. Cats should be allowed to become service animals too. I am a disabled individual who has autism, ADHD, and also suffers from depression. I have really super bad anxiety, sensory issues, trouble communicating, super socially awkward, suffer from panic attacks, have lots of trouble calming down and I can black out sometimes. A service animal would be very beneficial for me in keeping me calm, helping with my anxiety, helping me be more social, and trying to prevent panic attacks and it can help me be a more independent individual and more aware of my surroundings. I have looked into getting a service dogs but dogs give me anxiety and overwhelm me and I have never really liked dogs. I have always liked cats and the way they make me feel but cats aren't allowed as service animals. I can't afford a horse and dogs make me feel really uncomfortable and there isn't any other options. This wouldn't only benefit me it will benefit so many individuals with disabilities who don't want or can have a dog or a miniature horse as a service animal.

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