Americans Need #GenericInsulinNow! Tell Congress, the FDA, and the White House to act.

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Help make generic insulin available to everyone who needs it. 

We have millions of men, women, and children from every walk of life who are dependent on insulin daily to stay alive. It affects nearly every family in America.

Insulin costs are skyrocketing. The high price of insulin has forced over 1 in 4 diabetics to dangerously ration their supply. 

There are generic drug makers based here in America that are able and ready to manufacture affordable generic insulin now. It would be safe, effective, and totally identical to brand insulin.    

We can save billions, and give ordinary Americans access to the insulin they need, more affordably.

Mr. President, Madam Speaker, Leader McConnell -- let's get this done.

Only two things have to happen:

1.     The FDA must establish an approval pathway for insulin to be regulated as a generic drug product (just like hundreds of other drugs) in order to give companies the green light to make it.

2.     Congress must act to eliminate a decade-old deadline that will make generic insulin production legally impossible after March 2020.

Tell Congress, the FDA, and the White House that Americans need #GenericInsulinNow. We need 2 million signatures. Let’s get there!