More than 50,000 Americans sign petition to remove Nancy Pelosi over Incompetence

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

Incompetence! Incompetence!! Is all that ring in the minds of most people when there hear the name Nancy pelosi,she's that politician who has failed in all area's except travel,drinking and of course chasing shadows. 

Pelosi the congresswoman who have to be the house speaker, have launched an unnecessary,pitiful war on the office of the POTUS instead of focusing on delivering to the capacity expected by the people who put her there.

Her embarrassing Alcohol addiction has cost taxpayers a huge price,last year it was estimated she spent close to $113,30,000 on drinks.

To her continually failing attempts to stall the president,the only thing she's won in life is the heart of corrupt Democrats who have used her to fuel a a bizzare agenda,along with her stooge churk Schumer alot of the efforts by the Trump administration to control the border crisis have been sabotaged. 

Americans are tired of her and want her removed from office by the means of petition,over a 50,000 signatures are needed for this to be taken into hearing by appropriate quarters.

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