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Legal Drinking Age Should Change to 20

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In 1984 the drinking age was raised to 21, but the controversy over what the drinking age should be has yet to stop. While most other first world countries continue to allow young adults to drink starting at the age of 18, some even 16, America remains at one of the few that enforce their citizens to wait until they're 21. Although the laws have changed, it is still apparent most of today's youth starts drinking around the age of 16. If the majority of our citizens are breaking the law, why not just change it? Other countries teach children how alcohol is a normal part of society, inscribing meaning and culture with the idea of alcoholic drinks. America, on the other hand, has managed to glorify alcohol in a rebellious and dangerous way, encouraging young minds to seek out this drug to abuse it more often than not. Although 18 years old for some individuals is still too immature of a time for legal alcohol consumption, I believe by 20 years old individuals are able to drink responsibly. Slowly but surely if we lower the drinking age over time, children will become less curious and thrilled with this idea of intoxication and view alcohol as just another part of society.

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