Pennsylvania needs Constitutional government again

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The Constitution is in shreds in Pennsylvania and other States
and Territories in the United States. The condition of Government
throughout the United States is well-known to the world through
the truly independent investigatory journalists and truly free
nations which are still left on the globe, and which have recently
re-asserted their freedom (such as Iceland).
In order for the world to have any chance at any major
trend toward restoring freedom, freedom must first
advance in the United States - which, although it is no
longer part of what is called the "Free World", and no
longer the world's most prosperous or advanced nation
is still the world's most influential nation - and therein lies
the greatest danger to freedom in the world unless and until
we begin to insist on the restoration of freedom in the United
States - a nation which, once the world's greatest democracy,
has become a televisionocracy in which people are ruled by
the heavy hand of illusion, manipulation, truth-bending and the
anti-freedom poison of political correctness and "do-gooderism"
in government gone haywire, in a way which absolutely proves
the proverb which ironically flowed from the pen of Karl Marx,
of all people:
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."
Here is the path which I am calling upon YOU to support
in order to restore Constitutional government in Pennsylvania
and in six other States in the United States, so that in all US
States, in all US Territories and in all nations influenced by
the United States of America in any way; freedom and
beneficent economic productivity can be restored, and
quality and accountability in Government may reign supreme:
1) The President must first appoint a new US Attorney General.
This is not the time for politics in the US Justice Department,
but the time for justice in that department of Federal government
which, over the years, has behaved more like the US Department
of Politics. Suggested replacements for Eric Holder include
Pennsylvanian Don Bailey; the son of the Vice President,
Beau Biden; former President Bill Clinton; Harvard Law School
Dean Alan Dershowitz; Rutgers Law School Dean John Farmer, Jr.;
Californian R. Fine, Indiana's M. Harrison, Florida's B. McCollum,
Alabama's D. Siegelman and D. J. Simpson, Attorney W. Sollers,
Georgia's B. Windsor, Pennsylvanian E. Wrona, and others.
2) New ideas and new directions are needed at the
Office of the Pardon Attorney in the US Department of
Justice. Suggested new appointees to manage and
lead this office include Dafna Linzer, D. Siegelman
and others.
3) In all Pennsylvania counties which are eyesores of child
labor law violations - particularly in Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania, all non-farm child-labor State and Federal law
investigations which have been quashed by corrupt State
actions must be revisited de novo by the US Department
of Labor, by the US Justice Department, and by Congress.
4) The President of the United States must grant the
52-part Pardon and Reprieve - and begin negotiations
and talks on this issue immediately. The people listed
on this clemency petition are basically people who have
had war declared upon their Constitutional rights by the
US Government as well as by State and municipal government
agencies. Since the US Government has affirmed all these
ill-considered actions by its own inaction, it too is a party to
these Constitutional violations - especially in view of the fact
that despite repeated petitionings, there has been no coherent
or honest response. In any war, the only way to end the war is
either by total annihilation of the enemy or by negotiation with
an enemy who will not be defeated - and we, the people of the
United States will not be defeated by the corrupt people who
work in Government offices in Washington, Harrisburg, New York,
Philadelphia, Tallahassee, Sacramento, or anywhere else.
Annihilation will not work.
5) Speaking of which, Janet Napolitano, who is Secretary of
Homeland Security, should be replaced by Clint Eastwood's
vacant chair, and the Department of Homeland Security 
shut down and abolished. All it is, really, is bureaucratic
duplication and dangerous concentration of power. ALL
officials of the Federal Government who have refused to
answer questions forthcomingly when asked by members
of Congress should be arrested and held in SEATAC
Federal Detention in Washington State, until they
do begin to regain their composure and lose their
attitudes. All assets of the dangerous and unneeded
Department of "Homey Insecurity" should be
transferred to the military, as well as all unfulfilled
contracts; and all separate agencies of the Department
should report directly to the President as separate
independent agencies, unconnected to one another
except through the White House; in order to forestall
any possibility of a coup d'etat.
6) Despite the new, telegenic State Attorney General in
Pennsylvania, and an initial flurry of promising activity which
seemed to indicate that things might finally be headed in
the right direction in Pennsylvania, disappointment is beginning
to cloud this horizon very quickly, as the political selectivity
and disregard for the Constitutonal rights of victims of harsh
Government misconduct becomes all-too obvious. Apparently
the new faces in the Office of the Attorney General in Pennsylvania
are drinking from the very polluted springs which have been
manufactured by Thomas and friends. Therefore it is strongly
urged and emphasized that the following people be hired by
the Office of State Attorney General in Harrisburg in order to
restore the Constitution and the rule of law in Pennsylvania,
the US Justice Department doesn't hire these fine people
Attorney Don Bailey, Russ Diamond, Mike Ference,
Elizabeth Grieco, Attorney Jim Karl, Pamela Kilmer,
Debby Rabold, advocate Mary Steffy, Joe Vodvarka, and
Attorney Eugene Wrona.
7) It is the responsibility of the Federal Government,
under Article Four, Section Four of the US Constitution
to "guarantee a republican Form of Government" in
all States. Both Congress and the President have been
sitting on their hands in the exercise of this responsibility.
The Supreme Court of the United States cannot do this
alone. And when Congress tells victims of Constitutional
violations to find an attorney, and that it "can't deal with
legal matters," Congress is abdicating and violating their
Oaths of Office when such violations of the Constitution
have been perpetrated against people in the United States
by Government agencies.
The FIRST priority of Congress and the Administration must
be to restore the FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS of people in
the United States. All use of face b00k administrative PC
guidelines to snuff out political speech on face b00k and the
Internet must end, and people who have been "blocked" on
face b00k due to false accusations (generated by political
activism on the part of the censorship victims) should be
compensated by face b00k or by government, if
the censorship on face b00k has been perpetrated or
phished at Government behest - whether that is the
US Government, State or municipal government, or
any foreign government or lobbying organization or
other front for foreign invasion (again, see Article
Four of the US Constitution with respect to the
obligations of the Federal Government).
The homes of Americans who have been unlawfully
taken must be restored to the victims of foreclosure
and genocidal acts; and first priority must be given to
people over 55 years of age, political activists who have
lost homes and properties as a result of retaliation by
Government, and American Indians.
March 24, 2013
Scott Davis
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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