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Hold Aramark accountable for their abuse of workers at American University

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Our Demands:

  1. Remove Maria Sanchez and Miriam Lazo from their roles as managers
  2. Aramark must implement a fair policy for cleaning assignments that takes into account age, ability, and health - not supervisor favoritism and bias

The worker's stories of the unfair abusive practices by Aramark:

Maria's Story

Maria has been cleaning at American University in DC since 1987, yet for some reason she is forced to clean both the SIS building and the SPORTS CENTER by herself. She is 63 years old and suffering from bone issues due to the heavy work load. For lunch she eats in the closet because she has no other place to eat. This is not an accident, her Aramark supervisor Maria Sanchez Luna is the one that assigned her this immense cruel work load. For an individual who has been at AU for 30 years she should not be cleaning that much square footage while other workers with less seniority and half her age are cleaning less. To make matters worse, she was reprimanded for not cleaning the stairs of SIS which in of itself is a day's workload for a single worker. This ageist discrimination needs to stop. Our workers deserve better. She has now been threatened with jail for speaking out.

Bianca's Story

Bianca worked during the day shift. She was a temporary worker, made minimum wage, and worked holidays. When Bianca was three months pregnant, she and another coworker were instructed to clean the entire Bender Arena for an event later that day. Bianca told her supervisor she thought that she couldn’t clean such a large space given her condition. Her request for help was denied, so Bianca started to clean. While cleaning the arena, Bianca began experiencing terrible pains. She looked down to find blood streaming down her legs. Bianca had a miscarriage in Bender Arena.


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