Make Fort Funston California a National Hang Gliding Park

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We are seeking to have Congress declare Fort Funston as a "National Hang Gliding Park".  Fort Funston is already Administered by US Dept of Interior, National Park Service as part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  Fort Funston was one of the first Hang Gliding sites in the USA which started in the early 1970's as a viable Sport.  It would also dedicate this site to Hang Gliding forever.  And encourage the preservation of other Hang Gliding sites around the country.  We would also encourage the opportunity for the public to experience Hang Gliding by flying with a qualified Hang Gliding Instructor.  We would also like to encourage the building of a National Hang Gliding Museum at this site, so visitors could see the rich history of Hang Gliding and view Hang Gliders flying at this site from the same building.  Even a Restaurant and Gift Shop Concession in the Museum. Otto Lilienthal started Personal Flight, in 1891 based on his study of Birds.  In the 1970's the innovation of strong light aluminum tubes and polyester fabric helped to advance the development of Hang Gliders.  Now Hang Gliders are flying hundreds of miles in a single flight.  Judy Leden (GBR) holds the altitude record for a balloon-launched hang glider: 11,800 m (38,800 ft) at Wadi Rum, Jordan on October 25, 1994. Leden also holds the gain of height record: 3,970 m (13,025 ft), set in 1992. Dustin Martin's 2012 current World Record of 474.7 miles (764 km) started in Zapata Texas. The Paraglider is a Class 3 hang glider according to FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Air Sports Federation). Many videos can be seen on YouTube  "Hang Glide Fort Funston" or just "Hang Glide".

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