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unconstitutional redlight traffic cameras in cities across america

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Redlight traffic cameras are unconstitutional and disingenuous.
#1 they violate your citizen rights to Due Process (you can not face your accuser in violation of the 6th Amendment).
#2 cities claim the cameras reduce traffic fatalities butt all comparative studies DO NOT support this claim.
#3 cities claim they are interested in safety, yet all the evidence points to the cameras as strictly a form of producing REVENUE for cash-strapped municipalities.
#4 perhaps, more extraordinary is that at least one of the companies (REDFLEX) who erects these cameras is a FOREIGN-owned concern based in AUSTRALIA who are seeing at least 20-30% of the FEES/PENALTIES flow into their pockets. This money does not stay in America.
#5 if you agree that these REDLIGHT CAMERAS are a form of UNFAIR, UNLAWFUL practice and penalty of its American Citizens, please join me in fighting against this injustice.

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