Switch to Google Classroom in ASFM

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Haiku is very problematic, depending on the teacher. The problem is, it allows every teacher to manage it their own way, which is inconsistent and messy. I say by experience, in my English class, it takes student several minutes to find what we need, and some still take more than that. Google classroom is a clean, customizable, easier-to-use and consistent interface that orders work in chronological order, allowing teachers and students to focus on what matters; learning. Some of its features include:

  • A mobile app to check homework on-the-go
  • Notifications for due projects, saving students from another trip to their class page to see what is going on
  • A clean, cronologically-ordered design that makes everything easy to find
  • A shared calendar with assignments, due dates, homework, and even school events and schedules all in one place

So, I hope to hear good news sometime soon.


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