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Sign On As A "Community Co-Sponsor" of ENDA!


It's hard to believe but, in a majority of states, there are no clear protections for LGBT employees in the workplace. Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling that validates our relationships, LGBT Americans still don't have basic legal protections in the workplace!

We need to get the Employment Non-Discrimination Act through committee and passed on the Senate floor -- but we need your help to get that done. Already, 53 Senators have signed on as co-sponsors of the bill -- and we need you to add YOUR name as a Community Co-Sponsor of the bill!

Sign your name below, and we'll deliver the list of Community Co-Sponsors to the offices of Senator Tom Harkin (the chair of the committee the bill is moving through) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (who will decide whether/when to bring the bill up for a vote). We need to show the Senate that there are thousands of people behind this bill, and your name is vital to doing the education work needed to get this bill passed!!

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Senator Harry Reid
Senator Tom Harkin
Across the country, LGBT Americans are experiencing workplace discrimination -- and we need your help to end it. Whether they're not being hired, being harassed on the job, or being fired, no one should face discrimination simply because of who they are or who they love!