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Improve Evaluation Process for ADHD and ADD

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Parents are taking advantage of doctors and ADHD tests in order to give their children an edge in testing situations, like the SAT, ACT, or any school tests. Often, parents of high economic status pay a lot of money for their child to receive this attribute. This method of testing is corrupt and unjust to those who actually need the extra time.

Evaluation tests are expensive. The price for an evaluation test can reach as much as $4,000. Many parents with ADHD children are not capable of paying this amount, therefore are not able to receive this accommodation  while kids with prosperous parents are finding loopholes to the system. According to College Board, the reasonable amount of students with learning disabilities should be around 2%, but in wealthy areas and elite schools up to 46% of students have received the disability accommodations. Many wealthy parents go through multiple doctors and evaluations in hopes that their child will receive extra time, regardless of price. Getting extra time on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT improve test scores and the student's chances of getting into an elite university. Education lawyer Miriam Freedman said,  "Accommodations are supposed to level the playing field. They are not supposed to change the game. This one changes the game at the high range.”

There are many possible ways to go about this dilemma. I propose that the American Psychological Association should change the evaluation process, including its price so that regardless of economic status, those who truly have ADHD will receive this benefit. Families shouldn’t have to sacrifice their money for something that they should rightfully receive. Please sign my petition in order to reform this unjust form of testing that puts affluence over actual need.


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