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Change the term “magical thinking” in the DSM and other mental health texts

To many modern pagans, among others, magic (sometimes spelled magick to differentiate it from stage magic) is a normal part of religious practice as much as prayer is to other faiths. While the DSM-IV-TR clarifies that this is “magical thinking... that is inconsistent with subcultural norms” and therefore does not refer broadly to all pagans (presuming the mental health practitioner is familiar with the subcultural norms of modern pagans) the term is still offensive. Not only is it offensive, feeling like psychology pathologizes your faith makes seeking help from the mental health profession an intimidating process that could delay or prevent someone from seeking treatment. The term “fanciful thinking” could convey the same meaning while being religiously neutral.

Through June 15, 2012, public comment on the DSM can also be made here:

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