Protect Pets from Mandatory Microchips

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Laws that require our pets to be implanted with microchips have and will, harm and kill, some of them.  It is unnecessary to microchip a friendly pet because God gave them their own unique ID, their loving noses. Yes, their noses are as unique as our finger prints.  And their loving faces are conducive to facial recognition technology that has become highly developed.  Facial recognition search is online with that is sponsored by The Petco Foundation.  Even more support for this project is badly needed to provide 24/7 customer service and promotion.

Implanted microchips have been used on pets for decades and now humans have them, too.  Risk factors are defined by the FDA for human implants and people who have had implants can speak.  But our pets cannot speak for themselves and remain the unprotected.  Manufacturers can put what they want in the injection syringes, without notice, and the industry is virtually unregulated. Do you know if your pet's microchip is made of glass or one of the new plastic ones?  The big money being made does not support the reporting of, or studies of, adverse effects.  Willful ignorance is maintained about inflammatory disease and the cancer threat to both animals and humans. 

There is a common belief that pet microchips are safe to implant in kittens as young as two months that weighs at least two pounds.  There is also a common belief that it is safe to sterilize a kitten at that time.  It has furthermore become practice to do these two procedures at the same time.  Little consideration appears to be given to the level of risks accumulating or elements of experimentation and cruelty.

Certainly microchips are beneficial for healthy animals who would be otherwise euthanized.  But the risk/benefit is much different for a house cat.  Those are decisions best left to the pet owner and veterinarian.  Pet owners should call on the American Veterinary Medical Association to step up to the plate, update their antiquated review, do more research and advise pet owners accurately of the risks. 

If the microchip implant were such a great thing, why would there need to be laws making them mandatory?