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The graduating class of Spring 2018 is concerned with the recent email regarding graduation and the tickets we will receive. During our 8th semester meeting we were told that we would receive 6 tickets per student. Now, only 2 1/2 months before graduation, we are being told that we will only get 5 tickets each. This puts the graduating class under a "rushed" stress. Why?

1. Most families have already purchased tickets and made hotel reservations to come and see their loved ones graduate.

2. 6 tickets was already a small amount but we were all trying to work with it. 

3. Some students have two sets of parents (not including siblings). By limiting our tickets you are now making us choose what parent/sibling can attend graduation.

4. AMDAs class sizes are growing and as the school becomes more and more popular I am sure the graduation space will have to benefit their graduating classes. This is not just for us but for the classes to come.


We understand that spacing is limited and that we cannot have our entire family and friends attend. However, we are asking that we at least get to receive what was originally promised: 6 TICKETS. 

Best Regards,

The Graduating Class of Spring 2018



1. The Greek Theatre

2. Griffith Park

3. The Cathedral in Downtown