Re Open The Oatfield for the Youth and Kids

Re Open The Oatfield for the Youth and Kids

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We are a small family owned business that has opened our track for Motocross for over 29 years. This first time we have ever shut down for this long due to the Pandemic. We want to open safely following the rules of COVID-19.

We understand there is a major effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Riders get many physical and mental health benefits from riding Motocross and we feel that should be allowed to continue.  The business of running Motocross tracks has been deemed non-essential however our riders do not fit into a box as described by the Governor of California.  Every rider wears a helmet, goggles, gloves and other protective gear while on the track.  

Steps we can take include but are not limited to; We will not allow spectators and photographers  (reduces attendance by 50%), we will require all to wear a face mask while not riding, we will have a licensed EMT on site, we will make sure everyone parks a minimum social distancing requirement apart or greater, we will provide staff with PPE (face masks, gloves disinfectant wipes, etc), we will add hand wash stations throughout the facility, close our bleacher area and we will phase in a reopening slowly increasing the number of riders allowed in a session.

Please sign this petition to support the re opening of The Oatfield Motocross Track.