Support Getting Exercise Professionals in Healthcare

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There is one prescription that can:

  • treat and prevent numerous chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression, and some cancers
  • this prescription has almost no negative side effects
  • this prescription has numerous positive benefits beyond preventing and treating the chronic disease

The prescription is EXERCISE.

Interestingly, most providers do not prescribe exercise for prevention or treatment of chronic diseases. 

If your family member is diagnosed with breast cancer and they are not immediately referred to an exercise professional, we must ask the question:

Are we reaching a point where NOT prescribing exercise should be considered patient neglect? 

Did you know type II diabetes can be reversed with exercise?  Yes. Reversed.

There is no professional that is a member of your primary care team dedicated to:

  • helping you improve your exercise habits and ultimately impact your morbidity, mortality, and quality of life;
  • helping you manage or reverse your diabetes through exercise;
  • helping you manage your depression using exercise.

Referral to an exercise professional is NOT standard practice in healthcare. Some would argue it is non-existent.  That is where the madness comes in.

There are a lot of barriers to exercise and getting exercise in healthcare.  All of them are solvable.  The process is political and rife with confrontation.  We are asking all the fitness industry giants (ACE, ACSM, NASM, etc.) and the healthcare community (AMA, AAFP, etc.) to come together and make it happen.  Make the patient your focus and watch what incredible things can happen.  Compromise.  Save lives.  We believe we can accomplish what everyone thinks can’t be done and we are so excited to join the team!

We are asking fitness professionals, academicians, researchers, healthcare and anyone in the community that knows seeing an exercise professional would help them prevent or manage chronic disease to sign this petition to get the fitness industry giants and healthcare to come together, start joining forces, and get exercise into healthcare.

Please sign! Stop the madness, save lives, and demand action.