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Make Mental Health Screenings Mandatory! Save countless lives.

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Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia have the highest mortality rate of any other mental disorder. 50% of teenagers age 14 and older who suffer from a mental illness will drop out of high school.

Mental disorders leave each sufferers life impacted in extremely negative ways. Over half of Americans with severe mental illness do not seek treatment! Making mental health screenings mandatory will help diagnose thousands of Americans.

Not only will mental health screenings better the lives of those affected by mental disorders, but it will also: prevent suicide, prevent crimes committed by people with mental illness, prevent starvation caused by eating disorders, and other great benefits!

I am a 13 year old girl from California. When I was 12 I was diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Before my diagnosis, I struggled severely. Mental health took a serious toll on my life.

Since getting treatment, my quality of life has improved tenfold. Of course I still have my battles and my life will never be "normal", but it has become manageable. and I have never been happier. My battle has inspired me to speak out about mental illness. I hope to better the lives of everyone struggling with mental disorders/illnesses.

Making mental health screenings mandatory-just like tdap shots, screenings are required before a certain age. Mental health screenings should be required before the age of 18-21. Doing so will make sure that dangerous weapons don't end up in the hands of the wrong people. If a person does not pass their mental health screening, they must get proper treatment and be in "stable condition" before purchasing a firearm. Mandatory screenings will also prevent suicide, enforcing this before turning 18 (the age that suicide rates peak) will prevent countless deaths. And the list of benefits goes on... enforcing screenings will help thousands of people in many ways!

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